First Impressions Grenada Sailing Day Tours

Grenada Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour

Enjoy a half-day expedition aboard our power catamaran as we search for whales and dolphins. Experience seeing whales such as humpbacks, Killer (Orca), Sperm and Curvier beaked whales among the 15 species that swim through our Grenadian waters between the months of December to April. Throughout the year Sperm, Pilot, Bryde's, Sei and Pygmy whales can be seen. Be fascinated by frolicking dolphins such as spinners, spotted, Fraser, Common and Bottlenose including Francicana Dolphins rare to Grenada

Tour Information

Tour Duration: 4 hrs
book now Includes: Drinks & Sandwiches
First Impressions offers a whale of a time all year round!!

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